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 Game rules

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PostSubject: Game rules   Thu May 29, 2008 8:22 pm

1. No abuse of the server will ever be permitted. To do so will result in the loss of your character/account/ even an IP Ban. This includes but is not limited to:
a.) Exploiting the server or players in any form.
b.) Abuse of bugs or issues within the server.
c.) Hacking of any sort.
d.) Botting.
e.) Use of Third party programs.

2. Using Dual-boxing is allowed EXCEPT when participating in events.

3. Disrespect of the GMs/Admins of this server will never be tolerated. This includes in game AND outside. Accusations against a GM/Admin must be submitted with supporting evidence or expect to be banned.

4. Use of offensive language. This includes but is not limited to:
a.) Sexist or racist comments.
b.) Derogatory terms.
c.) Language that has specifically been reported as being offensive.

5. Inappropriate Character/Toon names will not be tolerated. Inappropriate names will either be changed by force or the characters will be jailed. This includes but is not limited to:
a.) Swear words/Inappropriate language. (in ANY language)
b.) Any name that includes genitalia.
c.) Racist or Sexist or Derogatory.

6. Always use ENGLISH. Therefore you must use it when:
a.) Addressing the Scryde's Staff.
b.) Posting within our forums.

7. Spawn Camping IS allowed. You have 2 minutes (120 secons) in which you are protected.

8. Grief buffing IS allowed. Use the command /nobuff to protect yourself.

9. Advertising any other server is NOT allowed.

You cannot post any offensive material within the forums. Refer back to rule 5 and include:
a.) Racist or derogatory images.
b.) Sexist images.
c.) Pornography or anything that can be interpreted as such.
b.) Offensive material.

11. Clans are your own responsibility. Issues concerning a clan that are not bug related are not our responsibility.
a.) We will not rename clans.
b.) We will not correct spelling mistakes in clan names.
b.) We will not appoint a new leader to a clan.
c.) We may delete clans for various reasons.
d.) Choose proper clan names. Inappropriate name will be deleted, including the clan. No refunding. You may take the other name rules as a valid reference.

12. Bannings
a.) A Ban may only be lifted by one of the Admins.
b.) Ban means Item loss. You can no longer access the accounts, characters or items.
c.) IP bans are possible under certain circumstances.
d.) Do not try to make it in game unseen. You will get re-banned when you get caught.

13. Sieges
a.) A clan may hold 1 castle at a time.
b.) A clan may not sign up for sieges when owning a castle.
c.) A clan may help his alliance(s) attack/defend.
d.) A clans alliance clan may not consist of toons of the original clan.

14. Olympiad
a.) Farming is not not allowed.
b.) Cheating, as in giving you advantages, in whatever way possible, in an Olympiad match, is not allowed.
c.) Dual-boxing in Olympiad is not permitted

ALL rules are subject to change at anytime (large changes will be announced).

GM/Admins are allowed to act within their own judgment, just because something is not in the rules does not mean you cannot be punished. (For example, mass spamming trade while PvP'ing)

Punishments vary on the basis of the rule broken. Breaking two minor rules can still ultimately end up in your account being banned.The punishment is at the discretion of the punisher. [/b]
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Game rules
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